Our Philosophy

We believe in self-love and the power it has to change the world. The following principles are what we hope to foster into communities world-wide one day. We believe we all have the power to do better and change our lives, we are just here to advocate for people and guide the process with innovative ideas for communities like ours.

Fit Woman


We stand by empowerment. The idea of people feeling confident, able, recognized, loved, proud, and connected, are feelings we all desire to have, and we are empowered by all the pieces we see around us that connect together, to fill in the gaps of knowledge that we want and need, to feel content in our lives. We believe everybody should spend a great deal of their lives feeling empowered, and we believe this model will help achieve that.

Modern Family


We believe in modernizing our world in a way that allows people to truly feel like they can enjoy life and be at peace with some of the big and small questions they have. We also believe in sharing resources with people in need of help, and will reach out when it's beyond our legal and ethical limits and boundaries. Some of the things we know are so out-of-date and there isn't an easy way to get that knowledge spread world-wide anymore. Internet make knowledge accessible, not digestible.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino


We fully embrace the idea that knowledge is power. Which is why we spent so much time making this site before publishing- we want to do this right. The more people know, the deeper they connect to ideas, themselves, and the world around them. If you don't know, you can never connect the dots. We believe anyone can teach. everyone knows something someone else would love to know, and we want a culture of that to grow.

Old Begging Woman


One of our top priorities is to move into the direction of accessibility. As a new industry and business concept, we hope to quickly be able to be more accessible to a larger variety of of people, not just the ones who can afford this in it's start-up phase. I want my community involved in the project as this business will hopefully be an impactful change towards a society we are all able to feel empowered in. We want people to feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

Fists in Solidarity


Connection is everything we are to our core. We want to foster an environment where people can go regularly to have a greater understanding of the world around them and of their own lives. Connection with other people, and a place to connect with yourself in vulnerability and strength, while you learn with your community. So many people feel lonely and a sense of disconnect, we want to change that for good.

A Better Tomorrow


We believe most people want improvement: better lives, better skills, more happy times, less harm to the world, and are generally optimistic in the deepest parts of their souls. We strive to help people find the ability to see themselves they way their loved ones do. Join us on this journey into hopefully happier times. This all started in the middle of your average American quest for stability for myself and my loved ones, and very quickly turned into an entire concept that could change the lives of anyone willing to open their heart to learning.