What is this? (Clarification)

Stack of Books

Philosophy (abstract)

In this section, find out more about our big ideas: what we consider ethical, correct, and what we hope people get out of the business we created for our communities to heal.

Financial Report

Long-Term Goals (tangible/analytical)

This is our plans for making money and how we will be giving everything after a realistic bottom line, to everyone else. Think a robin-hood style agenda. 

Abstract Objects

What was created? 

Fun name, fun picture. Don't be fooled, to me this is the most boring but amazing section. On this journey, I created a new industry, business type, business model, for-public center, and a new career path. Enjoy the jargon. 

New Year Celebrations

Endorsements, Inspirations, and Advisors

These are anecdotal proof of what we are doing and why we know we will succeed. Call it an educated guess. Endorsement should be for more than celebrities.

Want to get involved?

This is a brand-new modification of a bunch of ideas. Feel like you're in line with our mission? Feel free to let us know your thoughts or a desire to be involved. We would love to hear from you! Community satisfaction is our core.

How would you want to help?